Bio Of Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld

Rabbi Freifeld davening
The Founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld Zt"l davening in the old Beis Medrash
Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld zt’’l was born in America in 1926.
Rabbi Freifeld
Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld Zt"l
When he was thirteen years old, he attended Yeshivah Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, where he was privileged to learn under the tutelage of Haga’on Rav Yitzchak Hutner. Being a talmid muvhak of the Rosh HaYeshiva would forever change the course of Reb Shlomo zt”l’s life. Prior to conceiving the idea of Sh’or Yoshuv, Reb Shlomo held a number of positions, such as principal of Bais Yaakov of Toronto and menahel at Yeshivah Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin. In addition, he helped to establish the Kollel Gur Aryeh of Yeshivah Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin. However, it was in 1967 when history was made. This was the beginning of Sh’or Yoshuv. The year: 1967. The setting: A house on Balsam Court in Far Rockaway. The teshuvah movement was just under way and Sh’or Yoshuv had a population of about a dozen students. It was during this time that the direction of his vision began to take shape.
Rabbi Freifeld Giving a Schmooze
The Founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld Zt"l giving a Schmooze in the old Beis Medrash
Sh’or Yoshuv was to become the haven for searching, idealistic young men that would find in Reb Shlomo zt”l a mentor. His beacon would guide them towards the shores of finding Torah-true Judaism. His selfless dedication and exemplary passion created an indelible impression on his students and all those who merited to have encountered him. His energy, love, warmth and sincerity were genuine. It’s no wonder that he single-handedly was responsible for bringing countless of thousands of people closer to Judaism. This was the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld zt”l. This was the foundation on which Sh’or Yoshuv was built.