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The Beis Medrash
The main Beis Medrash
Sh’or Yoshuv is located in Lawrence, New York. Occupying several buildings, the facilities include a large Bais Medrash, classrooms, a well equipped English, Hebrew, and library, dining room, student lounge, administrative offices, and dormitory accommodations. Students come to Sh’or Yoshuv from as near as the surrounding community and as far as cities such as Hawaii, Romania, Gibraltar, Panama, Germany, Brazil, Morocco, England, South Africa, Iran, Russia and Israel. The Yeshiva accepts students from the age of 17 on. Ranging in backgrounds and educational experience, Sh'or Yoshuv joins together, in perfect harmony, the novice and the experienced Torah scholar, the Baal Teshuva,
Outdoor Learning Area
Outdoor Learning Area
and the Yeshiva educated youth, to produce inspired, warm, Torah educated young men.