Our History
Rabbi Jaeger giving shiur
The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Naftali Jaeger giving shiur in the 80's
What began in 1967 as a vision has grown into a renowned yeshiva, a community, a gateway to a more fulfilled life for thousands worldwide. The vision was to create a yeshiva that recognized and championed the uniqueness of every individual. Brilliant in its simplicity, percipient in its understanding of the turbulent times. The vision was the brainchild of Torah luminary, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, z”tl. With searing insight and passionate concern for the individual, Reb Shlomo dreamed of creating a yeshiva where no barriers would exist – a warm and welcoming yeshiva where novice and scholar could both find their place. Forty years later, the children and grandchildren of the handful of students who first crossed the threshold of Sh’or Yoshuv and the many more who followed, now fill Jewish day schools and yeshivos across the world. They forge a durable and undeniable link in the chain of Jewish continuity.
Rabbi Kurland giving shiur
Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland giving shuir in the 80's
Under the leadership of the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Natfali Jaeger, shlita, Sh’or Yoshuv stands as a beacon of Torah in Far Rockaway and the Five Towns. With 300 students, over 70 Kollel members, hundreds of families, thousands of alumni, it has developed into a multifaceted yeshiva. Today, continuing to follow the tradition of its predecessors, Sh’or Yoshuv remains the yeshiva that willingly embraces Jews of all stripes, helping them to evolve and reach their inner potential.