The N'shei

A group of inspiring young women, the N’shei Sh’or Yoshuv arrange a wide array of events throughout the year. It is from these events that the cohesiveness of the N’shei is created. It allows an opportunity for the wives of the chavrei kollel and kehillah to spend time with one another. One particularly exciting event is the Chinese Auction, where many of the N’shei Sh’or Yoshuv are involved, requiring many months of preparation. This auction enables them to raise money for new events, including hosting speakers from all across American and Israel. There are a few women designated each year to arrange meals for women who have recently had babies. In addition, Rebbetzin Jaeger hosts special teas for the N’shei to meet newcomers, or to hear uplifting classes while enjoying spending time with other wives of the kehillah.